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Lush Christmas Sneak Preview!
bearbrat wrote in lushcosmetics
Scroll down!

SNOWCAKE!!! I'm bummed Christiningly (or whatever it was called) isn't back - that was so good. And only one shower gel - I was hoping for Old Blue Skies or something else like that. But I'm glad Christmas Kisses and Ruby Red Slippers are back atleast, and that they don't seem to be "remaking" current products as Christmas ones the way they did last year with Green Day and Avobath!

Is Old Blue Skies the patchouli shower gel?

Thanks for posting the link! I wish there was more new stuff and less re-packaged things that we already have. Of course, that won't stop me from placing an order!

(Deleted comment)
Oh EM F'ing Gee. They have a giant Puddy Holly. That's all I need to know.

The giant Puddy seems to be part of a gift with bars of Snowcake and Bob Soaps. I think that's what I'll be getting some special friends this year.

Puddy in it's Lush Pud form was the first ballistic I tried. I got three free post xmas of '04. It was well into spring when I got them, the brown had faded to beige but that same sweet, spicy scent was there. I have a special fondness for this one as you might imagine. And Snowcake. And Christmas Kisses. And...

I'm looking forward to getting lots of Lush for my birthday (I'm Jewish so no Christmas...but Dec birthday) I want Lush Hanukkah stuff!

Your not the only one who thinks Lush should do a 'seasonal range' as aposed to a Christmas range, mmm fresh doughnut scented things with cinnamon,

thats a pretty good list! I'm really excited, especially for CSS

Washing with CSS while soaking in Christmas Party/Champagne Supernova...

Oh mama! Thank you so much for posting this! All that green stuff - if it's anything like Green Day, Soap Sod, or Gavarnie my husband will be in heaven!

so many things from times past... and yet they aren't bringing back my beloved christmas carol?


and why, why, why do they keep bringing back plastic delight, but not twas the night before christmas? twas the night was the best soap EVAR.... so purple and magical and yummilicious.


I just mis read that , thankfuck they are bringing back Bob soap, I love the stuff, I still have a lot of Snow Fairy left and nothing else leaps at me sadly. I smelt the 'green' fragrance when I was in Lush earlier in the week and it is a fab scent.

I guess it's the time of year to use the Ruby Red Slippers & Christmas Pud I've been saving up then... ^_^

Oh, boo! Wish Upon a Star didn't make the list :( I loved that one. And also jingle spells.

i saw jingle spells in there.

This is my first LUST Christmas.. about when do they put the Christmas items in stores?

Lush Christmas tends to arrive early October.


why do you hate me work filter? why?? *beats fist unhappily against hte "site blocked" page* I want to seee

Mmmm, Ruby Red Slippers and Snowcake and Bob Soap... I think I still have Bob Soap from last year, when I went crazy after Christmas and bought waaaaay too much Lush... but I'll dig it out and start using it. I love Bob Soap!

Ooooh, Haagenbath Angel!


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