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Uses for bath bombs?
godless whore
dogscanlookup wrote in lushcosmetics
Hey guys, I'm compiling a list of alternative uses for bath bombs! Here's the list I have so far. Please comment to let me know any alternative uses YOU have!

1)Keep one in your car as an air freshener and deodorizer
2)Keep them in your sock or undie drawer to make yourself smell perdy
3)Simmer on the stove to make your whole house smell great!
4)Use half of one as a deodorizing foot bath.
5)Keep one in each shoe to deodorize them.
6)Clean silverware and silver jewelry!
7)Use the powder as a safe and natural scrub for your sink, toilet and shower floor
8)Put chunks in your vacuum bag to release the scent as you clean.
9)Keep them (especially Golden Slumbers) in your linen closet to scent your sheets.
10)Toss the bag in the dryer with your clothes to make them Lush-scented!
11)Dissolve in water and place into a spritzer bottle. Use as an air and fabric refresher, or
deodorizing foot spray!
12)Sprinkle light-colored ones on the floor before you vacuum to scent the carpet

Your turn!

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Regarding 12... it might be best to stick with like butterball, or ones with minimal colours, to avoid stains. :)

That's why I said light-colored ones ;)

I just got off work, don't mind me. :)

*sees your username*

"Shaun of the Dead" fan? Right on! :D

(ahaha, I just saw your name, looooool!)

Oh, and to keep this post on-topic, since I don't have a tub, I either use my bath bombs in foot baths, or I give them to friends :)

Yaaaaay! I ♥ me some Simon Pegg!!

One to avoid if you have sensitive skin, but I know some people use chunks as a body scrub in the shower. Fizzy!

That's a good idea! I used to use baking soda mixed with Cetaphil cleanser as an acne wash... helps soften and balance your skin, so I could see how that would be nice, especially with Butterball!

I'm not sure 10 is such a great idea; paper bags + heat source = potential badness.

I've done it numerous times and I haven't s'ploded yet. I always dry my clothes on low heat too, to save energy.

I really don't think it's any more hazardous than accidentally sending a receipt in your jeans pocket through the dryer...

3 sounds amazing. i'll have to give that one a try since i no longer have a bathtub :/

I don't have a tub anymore... my old tub is across the street at my cousins'... so I can USE it, but it's not THE SAME.

I really like using ballistics in a 1 qt container of water like the emotibombs are used. (THEN right before I get out I dump it ALL over me and just rinse briefly. Brilliant. :D If I do say so myself.)

For carpet powder I love Karma.

I like the idea of #11! I don't have a bathtub in my flat at school or at home, so I can't use bath bombs anyway, but I love how some of them smell :)

Oh, girl, I don't take baths, and I have a whole arsenal of bath bombs. Plus, I make everyone at work save the dust from them when they re-stock or clean out the bins, lol.

Number 6- It wasn't tested to be on things you put your mouth on- where'd you hear this? And how do you wash silver with it?

Well, obviously you would rinse afterwards. It's just like cleaning it with baking soda and vinegar. You get bath water in your mouth all the time and unless you're actually eating the bath bomb itself, I really can't see any problem whatsoever. I actually discovered it after doing bath bomb demos with a heavily tarnished ring, which became bright and shining after doing them. Get the bath bomb wet and use it to scrub, or leave to soak.

I have two Humangoes in my bedroom and it smells amazing. They're the best air fresheners I've ever had.

is there a certain bomb that would be best for cleaning silver jewelry? that sounds good as all mine is so bad

I don't think there's one particular one over another. Happy Pill, maybe because of the extra citrus oils...

I only get to have a tub about 6-8 weeks per year, so this is definitely helpful so I can finally enjoy the bath bombs wherever I am during the year. :)

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