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Maybe just a mix-up? I've never had expired products in my goody bags before.

hm... I see
aww, I'm an unlucky person!

If I got an expired product in a goodie bag, I'd just shrug and toss it if I wasn't comfortable using it. How much complaining can you really do about something they're giving you for free?

yup^^ that's true
I thought that they took that perfume from the stack of products they have to sell so I was scared that they would have expired products being on sale

IIRC Silky Underwear perfume was discontinued, so that's probably why it's expired. At least, it's not on the website. I doubt Lush would ever sell expired product! :)

The last time I was in a Lush store all of the enchanted eye creams on the shelf were expired. I didn't buy one. I've used them past their expiration date before, but I'd like to at least start using it before its date. And they talk about how it expires so quickly because it doesn't have preservatives, so I don't know how good it actually is as it gets older.

Ew, yeah, I'm with you! Giving expired stuff away in goodie bags is one thing - I mean, whatever, you know? But selling it is a very different story.

I assume they set all of the dates a bit early to err on the side of caution. They don't want a product that has been properly treated to go bad before its expiration date. So, I'm not too worried. But I'd still rather buy it a bit newer.

I just figure they regularly check their stock and remove old stuff and replace it with new stuff, and since enchanted eye cream expires so much faster than most products if something is going to be expired and for sale, that'll be it. The face masks also expire really quickly, but I imagine they get handled specially.

I don't know as I've never actually worked in a Lush store, but it'd make sense. And most of their products are good for over a year, so it's likely awkward having one bottled product that only lasts 3 months.

It's just always good as a consumer to check the dates before you buy stuff.

I thought so too, well, I bought coalface right and it was already been wrapped in newspaper so I can't see the expiration date. Today, I decided to give it a try and test it out, well... it is expired on may 17, 2009
and I like pay about $20 for it too T^T waahhh!
I'm so disappointed and frustrated about lush right now!!

Yes, they often do in my experience, either expired or about to expire product. That old is unusual, but expired by months isn't, and most give away bath bombs/bubble bars are really faded, and I assume most of the other solids are old stock they are trying to clear out. Makes sense to give away stuff they wouldn't be able to sell.

I got a bar of soap that was OVER a year expired in a goodie bag once... kind of weird that they give away expired stuff...

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Agreed, especially because somethings like soap aren't really expiring.

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well, I think I had met your horror cuz silky underwear perfume is SOLID^^ yike!

For the most part, I look at the expiration dates as a formality. (Maybe not so much products with eggs and stuff, but yeah.) I've used a ton of products past their date to no ill effect. I figure if the smell, texture, and appearance are all normal, it's probably alright.

Huh. Did you have to spend a certain amount of money to get the goodie bag? If so, then I'd probably mention it the next time I was in that shop. If the goodie bag was free, then it's fair game.

I think it depends on the shop's own policies as to what is appropriate to be put into goodie bags, although most of us wouldn't put in anything that we wouldn't want to use ourselves.

yea^^ I was suppose to spend more than $45 and also RSVP to get the goodie bag^^ so I was a bit disappointed...

As far as the Silky Underwear solid perfume goes, I still have 3 of them (it was my fave solid), and they're all that far expired. But, I pulled some out and wore it yesterday, and its still perfect. Smells great. I have a snowcake solid perfume that expired back in '06, I believe. The solids, if kept out of heat, last darn near forever.

Ok^^ I guess it is ok then^^

Agreed. I have a Flying Fox temple balm - remember those??? do they even MAKE that product line anymore??? - that still works fine, and it expired at least 3-4 years ago.

I wouldn't worry about that expiration date. It takes a long time to use up all of that solid perfume and mine is pretty expired and still smells and works fine. :) Those expiration dates on Lush products are a little silly sometimes. There are some products that do warrant it, but I've used expired shampoo, conditioner and things of that nature just fine.

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