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novavelle wrote in lushcosmetics
 When does lush normally release the list of product's coming out for halloween?? I missed halloween last year and I'm super excited about this year, so I can hardly contain myself waiting to hear what they're coming out with, anyone have any info??

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i'm not sure what they have lined up this year, but they do come out with a few halloween items every year :) can't wait to see what!

i've been starting to wonder this myself!

Paaaah-lease let Magic come back IN STORE this year!!!

I'm excited to see what comes out for Halloween too!

I was in lush the other day and they told me they were getting quite a few things for Halloween, but my brain is like a sieve and I cannot remember much except that the jack o lantern soap isn't coming. which is sad, cause i looooved it. there are several cute bath bombs and bubble bars coming though.

I loved that soap too! Too bad it's not coming back this year. =[

omg.... good thing I stocked up on those when they were on sale at the end of the season. I think I have 10 left... bahahahhaaaa smells so greatttt ahhh

(Deleted comment)
They have some new bath bombs coming out, with Halloween right after that and then Christmas in November. I was talking to the manager at my local Lush about this last night. I just didn't ask WHAT the new Halloween products were, silly me.

I loved the halloween products! It's too bad they're not doing the soap.. I love that smell

All of the Halloween products are Day of the Dead themed :) There's going to be a bath bomb, a soap, and a jelly that comes in four different colors and looks like a little sugar skull.

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