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boxing day sales
relax wrote in lushcosmetics
Does anyone have an idea of what lush boxing day sales are like? in both the UK and North America, by any chance.

I heard the American one is like buy one get two free or something, but I would just like to confirm and get an idea of what the UK ones are like.


(I didn't know what to tag this as by the way - sorry)

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They vary year to year - often, the US sale has been one where you buy holiday items and get one or two items free, depending on what you've bought. They also have done a "clean slate" sale, where they sold products with specific creation dates on a similar sale to move out old stock. The UK has been doing goody bags - spend a certain amount, get a box of assorted mystery holiday products for free.

This year, the US shops are not being told about the details of their post-Christmas sales until the last minute, to prevent leaked information. I was told that they'd find out on Christmas Eve. So the sale might be very different here - we don't know yet! :)

I was told they get an e-mail at midnight ET on THE DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS.

Wow, that's even tighter!

I hope it means that it'll be an exciting sale... and not just the same sale as past years, just kept secret. That wouldn't be any fun. ;)

The SAs at the Florida Mall said that they'll be announcing it on Christmas Eve

I've been to three Lush boxing day sales in Canada and they were all pretty different. If I remember correctly, they've always had 2 for 1 gift boxes and 3 for 1 holiday items/bath bombs. One year they had 2 for 1 deals on pretty much any product in the store if they were made before a certain date. Last year most of their soaps (not just the holiday ones) were 3 for 1. I've never been disappointed!

was that around the time they switched to the palm-free base?

I'm dying to know what the sales are as well; I know I am going to be at my local store at 9am when they open on Sunday the 26th as I have to then head 4 hours north to a boxing day party where I will be giving said Lush gifts! :D

They told us on the US forum that details would be revealed Christmas Eve. So...I'll let you know when I know.

I'm excited for this too. Hopefully there's still some stuff left when I get paid on the 31st. lol

It looks like the UK sale is 50% all Christmas stock and items produced before 31 October. :(


People on the forum are going "it's fairer" but for me it was a time to treat myself silly. *sigh*

Ugh, agreed. I really do wonder why they change each year? As someone else who saves up to blow it all on the sales it doesn't seem fairer here! xD

Lush Uk changed it this year as they don't have the stock (of hatboxes etc) to do it.

Oooh-- would it be the same with the US?

Sorry, I have no idea 'bout the US sale.

well part of it is that the sales are ways to get rid of leftover Christmas merchandise, but from a marketing perspective, the best idea is to sell all your stock before Christmas before no one wants it. This year I think they've just been much more focused on controlling inventory to not have too much left over.

Does anyone remember what time this started on the US site last year on the 26th? I am trying to figure out how early to get up since I don't have a Lush nearby. Will the announcement on the forum give times?

Out of curiosity, where on the forum is this going to be announced, if at all. i just don't know where to look...

Bummer. The email Lush sent out says that it is just buy one get one free on holiday and regular boxes and holiday items and soap. I guess we don't get buy one get 2 free this year. :(
6am pacific time on the US site.

god. i was so fucking excited and now nothing. well i guess it's something but i was just expecting a big sale

would it be okay if i copied and pasted that email to here? or is that a no no?

Did you get the email? I would maybe make a new post and just copy and paste the main info. People always want to know how you select free items which the email outlines with the checkout drop down menu like last year. There is a limit of 10 freebies, which means separate orders if you want more than 10.

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