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UK ordering - samples?
heure_actuelle wrote in lushcosmetics
When you order from the UK do you have to specifically request samples? I received my UK order last week and was soooooo disappointed that there weren't any samples :( Whenever I order from Canada they always just automatically include samples

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I have requested samples and then not gotten any. It is a bummer :(

I only receive samples if there is something I'd like to specifically try. Then I write a note in the note field. Otherwise, no samples will be given. I have heard that even if you request it, you may not get it because it depends on what they can do at the time. However, I have been pretty lucky to get everything I've asked for in the past (I only ask for one or two items). That said, I ONLY receive those items; I haven't ever received anything extra.

In my experience, samples from UK orders are hit or miss. You seem to have to request them, but then you still might not get a darned thing. So far, i have never gotten anything UK to US (though when i lived in Ireland, the UK online shop sent samples when i asked).

When I call them (I am in the UK and call the mail order in the UK), they sometimes ask if I want any samples and sometimes I ask for samples. Other than the bath items that can't be sampled and a few other bits, I have almost always received what I asked for. The last time, I got samples from retro. I've never ordered via the website, so have no idea if this is handled differently.

When I ordered from the UK, they actually left a note saying they couldn't send any samples because the package would have been pushed into the next pound for weight. I was right on the edge around 1.9 pounds or something, so it made sense since going above it would have cost them more than I paid for shipping. Was it something like that, possibly?

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