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Let the Good Times Roll- discon? Dry scalp question, international travel question
broadwaypoetez wrote in lushcosmetics
1. According to my local Lush facebook page (Rochester, NY, USA) "Let the Good Times Roll" is being discontinued. I find this to be really odd, seeing how it was popular enough over the Christmas season to be expanded into a year-round product. If this is true, I'm pretty bummed because I was using it as a gentle exfoliator this winter twice a week and was pretty happy with the results. (I have dry, sensitive skin)

I also heard the A Million Kisses is being discontinued (thought I read that on the Lush UK site a while back) and Glorious Mud is being discontinued(?) according to Lush Times.

2. Any tips for dry scalp that isn't Superbalm? I tried a free sample, got a huge headche and results seemed comparable to Snake Oil, tried it a second time, may have used too much, and made myself sick. I use Snake Oil once a week and Jasmine and Henna once a week as treatments. I shampoo with Tricomania and Curly Wurly throughout the week and put small amount of R & B in my hair to smooth my hair before work. I bought Roots to see if that will help the winter dryness. Any other ideas?

3. I'll be traveling to Lithuania for nearly two weeks in July. (There are no Lush store in Lithuania and it's a short trip.) In the spring and summer Aqua Marina is my cleanser so I can't imagine havingtoo much trouble at the airport. However, I use Ultrabland at night and Celestial is my mositurizer. Has anyone had trouble using the black sample containers, or any small container with soft Lush products?

(Tags needed- hair treatment: Roots, hairtreatment: Superbalm, cleanser: Let the Good Times Roll, all of the toothy tabs, Putty for your hands)

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various tumblrs say that LTGTR is being discontinued because lush couldn't find a steady year-round source for certain ingredients. seems bizarre to me since it's essentially corn and glycerine, but what do i know.

Shoot. Hopefully it will be a nice regular holiday product.

If you are traveling from the US to overseas, then as long as you have the small travel sizes in your 3-1-1 carry on, you are okay. I generally have my sample set in with my 3-1-1 and dupes in my checked baggage. I take the solid shampoo and jungle in baggies in my carryon without issue, but it's up to the person at security if it will really be an issue. Technically not, but...

Good luck with your travels!

I use the small black containers to put my moisturizer in, it's much lighter than taking the whole tub. Unfortunately after two weeks I noticed my moisturizer went like a pva glue texture, impossible to use and kinda gross. I figured it's because they're not exactly air tight. When you're travelling please put all liquids into a sealed sandwich bag just in case, seriously I never got the AOBS stain out my PJs.

Edit: And Let The Good Times Rolls is definitely being discontinued, it's been confirmed on the Lush International forum. Last time I checked there was no explanation.

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glorious mud has been a definite discon for a few months. I worked at lush up until a month and a half ago and my manager told me about it in December so I picked up a few of them because it's my fave :,(

I also heard that a million kisses was on the discon list too and then I heard it wasn't then I heard they weren't sure idk

Traveled through several (Asian) countries with zero issues despite having 3-4 containers of various Lush products. If you put them in a carry on, make sure they fit into your liquids bag. If you put them in your checked bag, also put them in a plastic bag; I found that my products from Japan leaked out in hot temperatures despite being fully closed. The oils melted or something. They were usable, but the consistency was a little different after it resolidified (specifically Celestial). Cold temperatures also changed it a bit, so... Keep that in mind.

Some customs agents might want you to open the containers, but I've yet to have that happen even on slow border crossings. Even in strict countries (Uzbekistan, I am looking at you), nobody cared about what lotions I had--they just wanted to know WTF the pills were that I was carrying.

Ahh, good to know about meds. I've been on a low dose painkiller for a few months and may still be on it once the trip happens,

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