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Let the Good Times Roll
mousebebe wrote in lushcosmetics
Figured I'd post it here in case anyone interested is looking. :)

Let the Good Times Roll cleanser has been returned to LUSH stores. I'm not sure for how long, although they're labeling it as a permanent product.

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I'm 99% sure it's for good. They're also going to start getting ride of the rolls and just doing prepotted cleansers, which is going to be awesome because cutting cleansers is my least favorite thing about working at Lush :/

I heard awhile back that it was coming back officially, perm. :)

I wasn't sure whether they were or weren't, so I figured I'd mention it, especially since this was for it actually being in stores. (Seriously, what's your connection for knowing this already? Inquiring [LUSH-addicted] minds and everything!)

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