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view_from_here wrote in lushcosmetics
I have an interview with a few other ladies tomorrow night for the yearly holiday hire. I have an awesome outfit, but two questions:

Can I wear black and white Converse as my shoes?
Can I wear silver jewelry? (Bracelets and such)


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Converse should be fine as long as you feel like the complete outfit has you looking like someone you'd want working for you from the manager's perspective. On the floor you would be allowed to wear them (policy is just closed-toe for shoes) so it should be fine! As far as jewelry, go for it. Let your personality shine. The most important thing will be your presence and showing you have drive and energy. Volunteer for everything and really put yourself out there! That's what they'll be looking for. You might be asked to practice demoing which may involve water, so just have that in mind with watches or whatever you might wear on your wrists. Good luck and have fun!

That's what I figured. My dog just chewed up my flats that I usually wear for interviews. :/

And the water's a good point...maybe I'll stick with a necklace, haha. I'm super pumped. Like, I posted on the facebook wall of my old favorite LUSH manager who told me she could definitely see me as part of the LUSH family. :D

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You can accessorize as much as you want, just keep the actual clothes black and white. My friend Caitie wears the brightest neonest (not a word lol) shoes and jewelry you can imagine because she has a super bright personality. I would say just for the sake of comfort since we demo so much don't wear any rings or bracelets but earrings and necklaces can be piled on! Also you don't want to ruin anything by the constant water and product exposure.
The best tip is to let your personality shine through as much as you can and to really show passion. Why is LUSH something that speaks to you in a way that makes you want to work for them? Our products all have beautiful back stories and I am sure you have probably created a few memories that tie or relate to the LUSH products you love. For example Daddy-O Shampoo smells very strongly of violets which happens to be what my mom used as my baby cologne. :)
They're a fantastic company to work for so I really hope you get it!! Good luck!

Major friend bonding happened there for years before I moved to a new state/city so I always think of them. :)

And all of this is awesome information, thanks a bunch!!!

hey! how did it go? just curious! i have one too!

awww. :( maybe next time?
did you find it was difficult or did you find it was easy? sorry for all the questions, i'm nervous about mine lol


It felt like it was going well, but it was a group thing and I fear I may have come across as a know it all instead of being more humble.

i see what you mean! i already did the group hiring party and (in my opinion) aced it, i got an immediate call back so i don't know why i'm so nervous. i guess because my resume isn't that strong, i've mostly freelanced and gone to school and that's pretty much it.

i'm sure you probably did fine but who knows, it seems like every manager is looking for really specific qualities-- that's why i say you should try again maybe at another store if you haven't ended up somewhere else! <3

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