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settingupsunday wrote in lushcosmetics
hi guys! i went to a hiring party after being invited by the manager, and i got a near instant call back (i had just arrived home!). she invited me to an 'interview/lush culture hour' and i have no idea what the second part really means...? is that just to see how i would fit in within the atmosphere, etc.? can someone give me some heads up on what kind of questions i'll have to answer?

overall, i'm completely confident with my abilities and knowledge but of course i have the usual worries about memorizing things about products - i need to work on that but i did pretty good in not letting myself falter during the fake demos. anything else i need to know?!

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From what I understood at my hiring party (I did not get called for a culture hour, but such is the way of things), the culture hour is kind of a one-on-one shadowing experience where you are on the floor with an employee. They weren't too specific on how it worked, but it seemed like it's to see how you would fit in, maybe having you demo products in real situations ...

I suspect I didn't get a culture hour because I'm pretty much allergic to half the products and wouldn't be able to demo them without wearing gloves (and having to explain repeatedly that it's not the product, it's my wacky immune system being overactive), despite being a wealth of knowledge about Lush products (especially specific product ingredients, because ... well ... I'm allergic) and a devout Lushie (because there are a multitude of products I CAN use, and I stick to them pretty diligently).

Ah well.

Thank you so much! That actually sounds like a lot of fun so now I'm looking forward to it. I'm sorry about your allergies, that really bites :( Hope they don't leave you with too much discomfort!

At this point, I've managed them down to minor annoyances. Now that I know the things to which I'm allergic, I just steer clear and generally don't break out. But thank you for the sympathy! I wasn't surprised that this happened with me and Lush; I was just excited to get to the hiring party stage. :)

That's a great attitude to have! :)

I had my interview yesterday and it went really well. I had a minor screw up from nerves (couldn't think of my favorite products in the moment though I know TONS and so I kinda messed up with my first demo but I did many more, and my manager demo was probably the best). Anyways I would love to work there but if I happen to not get it too, I had sooo much fun during the whole thing! Seriously.

I've worked as a seasonal employee for Lush several times. After the phone-based call back, the interviews were all group events. Somewhere between 5 and 10 people and they do pretty goofy questions and exercises. We had anything from "describe a time you experienced conflict with a client and what did you do about it?" to "what kind of tree would you be?" They're super awkward and you know you're in direct competition with the people in that interview and we never got one-on-one time with the manager.

The finalists after that stage went on to do the bit where you shadowed an employee. And then they chose from those people. So i suppose, expect the unexpected. If you do have to attend one of the group interview things, they really just seem to want you to be enthusiastic about the company, its mission, its products. Read up if you haven't. If you get to skip that and go right to shadowing, ask lots of pertinent questions and be ready to jump in to do something if asked.

Good luck!

I got the job today! The day before my birthday and I really think a major part is because of this comm. I definitely did my "homework" lol!

Now can you please tell me what the training is like? Also, do I have to be on the register at all times.. that intimidates me. Eek! I'm better with people than that stuff :P

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