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Post-Christmas Sales in the US?
weegoddess wrote in lushcosmetics
Hi all -

My Brit-buddy will be visiting me for the Winter Holidays and she has requested that we queue up for the Lush Boxing Day Sales over here [Note: For those of you not of the UK, the day after Christmas is HUGE for shopping and sales. Like Black Friday here but possible worse]. She and I have spent more than one Boxing Day in line outside of a local Lush, waiting for them to open their doors. It's a fine British Tradition.

I've not ever done this in the US though; I'm guessing that the practice is the same? People stand outside their favorite Lush and wait for it to open so they can get the 1/2 price Holiday goodies?

Will Lush in the US even be doing that this year? (putting the seasonal stuff on sale the day after Christmas?)

(also, if any of you are familiar with the Boston area, do you have an opinion as to which Lush is the best one to scout out?)

Thankee kindly!!

PS - I didn't see any relevant tags to tag this with. Hope that's ok!

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They usually announce the sale a day or two before Christmas. There are always rumors on the forum and such, but the official announcement will probably be Christmas week.

I generally pop in to the Harvard Square store as soon as it opens, stock up, and stagger into work late, laden with boxes. :)


I didn't know that you were a Lushie! Not surprised, though. ;-)

Harvard Square is the Lush I know best and was generally inclined to choose that one. But we'll be staying not terribly far from the Burlington Mall and I wonder if it's better to go over there. Certainly, if the weather is lousy I'd rather wait in a mall than outside, but I suspect that other people will have the same idea...

I will say that I went to the Lush in sunny Santa Monica last year, got there 10 minutes ahead of time and was the ONLY person outside. Most people showed up about 3 minutes before it opened.

Holy cow, really? I remember showing up 2 hours ahead for the Lush on Prince's Street in Edinburgh (not an exaggeration) and I was still the 7th person in line. This was problematic because they were allowing one 'Lush Legends' hatbox per person and there were 6 of them to be had.

::still frustrated by this::

Maybe it's a California thing.

I don't think the Santa Monica location had any Lush Legends boxes, however. There were certain things they were thin on. I was on a budget and there are specific things I like, so I did my research in advance and figured out which combinations of items would allow me to get the most bang for my buck. It's a darn good thing I'd set up five different variations, because a couple of key boxes I wanted were already sold out.

I was on a budget and there are specific things I like, so I did my research in advance and figured out which combinations of items would allow me to get the most bang for my buck.

I've done that too!! ::high-fives::

Not a bad idea to have a list of stuff with me, so I can grab quickly in case it's a war-zone. It certainly has been um, spirited on many Boxing Day occasions IME.

I don't think I know anyone who'd wait outside until they open. I was there on the 26th and they still had most everything.

I'm guessing that you've never been to UK Lush's on Boxing Day morning. The queue goes around the block. Then again, there are queues for most of the Boxing Day sales, at most shops. Again, think Black Friday, but with tea.

I have not! That's crazy. I'm from the US anyway. I've done black Friday once and no interest in ever doing that again.

Also, I like that you mentioned the tea. :)

I believe last year it was buy one get one - at least online. I don't think there is quite the mad rush, I never have any issues stocking up.

Thanks!! Yes, I do remember the 'Buy 1 Get 1' online at both the US and UK websites, but I was in the UK and so I just went to the Covent Garden shop since there was a tube strike and I could get to that one by bus. Ah, London at Christmas. ;-/

Good to know that there isn't a mad rush here, or at least the memory of one. Maybe it was worse when they were offering a free hatbox with every £20 spent. Good times...

Ditto what was said above. Even if you're an employee, they don't tell you exactly what the sale will be until the last minute. It's been different every year for the last few. I think here in the US, it was buy one, get one on cut soaps only. A few years back, it was buy one get one on everything made before December but buy one get 2! on soaps and bathbombs. Crazy. ;)

Aw, geez, really? Cut soaps only?

Not that I would complain about anything Lush being more accessible, but honestly that doesn't seem worth queuing up in the cold for. I suspect that the UK Lush folks have better post-Christmas sales because they are expected; all the shops do it. And it's not like Lush needs to put stuff on sale to get people to come into the shops. That's really something that they don't even tell the SA's. Maybe because they know that the SA's would tell their friends.

Still, I hope that there's more to be excited about this 26th. I guess time will tell.

Last year at the stores it was BOGO on gift boxes and BOG2 on cut soaps.

Thanks - it's really good to know about the BOGO on the gift boxes. That's how they've been doing it in the UK too for a few years. The days where you'd get a free holiday gift box of your choice when you spent a certain amount of money? I think those are gone and are sadly missed.

Ah, you're right! I forgot about the gift boxes, since I never paid any attention to them (for my likes, not a great value unless there's something super nifty in them that you can't get elsewhere).


I haven't made much of a point in targeting the gift boxes either; the only exception is when they might be sold out of a specific seasonal item sold individually, but there are still gift boxes that contain them.

I love the gift sets for the mini-size items because I travel so much.

That makes complete sense.

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