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Lush bath cocktail using christmas bath bombs
thepuddingcook wrote in lushcosmetics
Hi all,
I have a whole lovely evening to myself to take a nice bath--and while being snowed in, no less! I hit up the Lush sale last week and was able to score the last of the big christmas hat boxes and a  ton of cinders and starlight, starbright. Can you guys help me come up with some fun cocktails?

Just in case some of you don't know, this is what comes in the christmas hatbox:

The christmas penguin
Christmas eve
Golden Wonder
So White
Lord of Misrule
Star light, star bright
Father chrismas
Luxury lush pud
Melting snowman
Secret Santa

(I know, I lucked out--- got a huge 3 lb slab of noriko too, since they had run out of giftboxes and wanted me to get something of equal value for free with the box to fulfill the promotion).

Hope you can help! :-)

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i was planning on using cinders + melting snowman together myself!

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