Lush Baths and Yeast Infections
Hi, all. I had a couple of questions to ask, but darned if I can remember all of them, for some reason. There's only one that's remotely vital, though, and happily that's the one I remember.

I've been having sporadic runs of yeast infections lately, and I remember reading that bubble baths can aggravate a tendency toward them. The only kids of bubbles or bath additives I use anymore are Lush, though, and I thought that they were supposed to be less likely to cause a YI, or am I imagining reading this somewhere?

If someone could clear this up, I'd appreciate it. Thank you!

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Hey everyone

I know this comm's a bit dead, but I was hoping you could help me.

I want to switch from Lush's henna back to chemcial dye (the colour just doesn't look right) it'll be darker than the henna, so how long should I leave it before it's safe to dye over? It's been about a month.


T'is the season to buy Lush, fa la la la laaaa, la la la laaaa!
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 Hello and happy new year Lushpeeps!  Herein is a porny little pic of my Christmas order, and some mini-reviews:
Beyond the cut, dear Lushies!Collapse )

Edit:  Okay, so I was at my local Lush this morning, and they were telling me about some of the products that are about to be discontinued - Creme Anglaise, Noubar, Vanilla Fountain, and a few others (they also hinted that the entire Emotional Brilliance range is not long for this world too - can't say I'm too disappointed though, I've got the ones I wanted and considering how rarely I wear makeup, they'll last forever anyway), and they said the reason for the discons is that there are shiny, pretty new products being introduced sometime this year.  I know the UK will get them first, so has anyone heard anything yet about what they might be?  The SAs didn't know anything for sure, but confirmed that it's not the new haircare line, and they weren't referring to the Valentine's Day, Easter or Mother's Day limited editions either (which BTW look like they will rock this year - I want the easter egg soap so badly it hurts my brain).  So now I'm all curious ... anyone?  Anything?

Post Christmas sales question- when is it, and if I should grab items now or risk the sale.
I missed the BOGO sale last year. I fell in love with the Twilight shower gel after buying a small bottle. I want to stock up on some big bottles to tide me over for a year. (I use it at night to relax, either as a shower gel or bubble bath.) However, since its seasonal, I don't know how many people will grab it online and if I should just buy some in my local store before the sale.

My questions:

When do you think the sale will be?
What items are onsale? In my area store, only seasonal items were marked down last year. Online I heard that any items made before October or November were marked down.

What shower gels would have calming scents like Twilight? I was looking at Flying Fox online so I may try a sample of that- any others?

Has anyone else noticed Lush changed the formula for Angels on Bare Skin? The first ingredient is no longer ground almonds (I actually didn't find that on the new ingredient list at all!) It doesn't have the same grittiness, I'm pretty crushed.

I order from the UK, has the US version changed?

Jasmin & Henna Fluff-Ease on dyed red hair? / Hair problems

Okay, so I loooove Jasmin & Henna Fluff Ease, and I have one unused and one 1/3 used tubs sitting in my fridge.
My one MAJOR issue with this product is that it contains SLS. I have dyed red hair, which as you may know, fades like nobody's business :/
I never had a problem when I dyed with Caca Rouge. In fact, I think the hair mask made it look even MORE vibrant (my boyfriend agreed). But then I made the mistake of dying over my Caca Rouge with Splat 'Luscious Raspberries' dye. It actually looked great, but unfortunately I couldn't keep it for very long, as it was a lotta too screaming bright, and well, that seems to be frowned upon by general society. Go figure.
So I tried to take the Splat dye out with two boxes of L'Oreal Color Remover. Didn't work too well (and destroyed my beloved long hair, so I had no choice but to chop like a foot+ of tangled mess off, myself!) But I thought I could still dye over what was left on my hair with Feria 'Copper Shimmer'. WHOA, was that unfortunate. Can we say frizzy orange clown hair..? Yeah... Ugh. So I went to a salon to have it fixed.
And THAT color came out spotty, awkward, and washed out immediately, even though I used a decent, low-PH color shampoo. So I went back to have the hair dresser fix it. And, uh, that didn't really work either. At all. So, embarrassingly, I have to call/go in again today to see if the salon owner can help me this time (Do salons fix color twice without issue?! This is so mortifying and disheartening!! I feel like they must think I'm some entitled malcontent. But I just can't bring myself to part with the $167 I paid, in a time where I'm REALLY not well off, financially, and just suck it up and try to fix what they told me they could fix, myself! And NO self-respecting salon would let a client walk around repping, looking like this, I promise you!)

I just had to get that off my chest. Thanks, if you read, or can give me any advice!

Here's my ACTUAL question for this community: Assuming my hair can finally be fixed, and I'll have lovely red hair once again (Think Florence Welch in her more copper-y days), should I just forgo the Jasmin & Henna Fluff Ease until around when I plan re-dying/touching up? I haven't used conventional red dye in about 12 years, but I know it's pretty "precious", and the Cosmetology dropout in me says "of COURSE you shouldn't use it!!" I just hate to think that the two jars I have already are just going to be sitting in my refrigerator, unused, for who knows how long.
I know that it contains a little bit of red henna, but SLS is the third ingredient.
This is probably common sense, lol. I don't think I'll chance it immediately, but for future reference, do any of you have any experience with using it on salon-dyed red hair?

Thanks! Sorry for the long, weird story :p

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Should I panic?
Placed 2 orders (one Friday, one Saturday) the week before Thanksgiving. Haven't received either. My three previous orders all arrived within 8 days of ordering. Should I wait it out a few more days (I'm thinking Monday) or should I contact Lush. OR am I just panicking?

EDIT: I ordered from the UK site and chose the Royal Mail option.

New Formula: Vanishing Cream
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Just as a heads up/follow up to this post:, Vanishing Cream definitely has a new formula. VC has been a staple of mine for yearrrs, and even with expected variations, my last pot was a different smell, consistency, color, and feel - and, it affects my skin very, very differently, to the point where I am going to have to return it! I tried it for a few weeks but it is just not working out. I was in last week and asked the Portland Oregon store SA's about it - apparently they have changed their grapeseed oil supplier, but "most people shouldn't notice a difference." I'm surprised that just a difference type of grapeseed oil could make such a dramatic change, but, here we are. It's so unfortunate - I've had problem skin all my life and Vanishing Cream was a godsend. Womp womp.

Allergic Reaction to Aromaco
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Hi everyone,

I think I am having an allergic reaction to Aromaco. I have read that allergic reactions can flare up at any time in life, and for many different reasons so I've tried to stick with this and ease off on using it the days when I can't bear the itch but.. it's been almost two months now. If i use it two days in a row, I am guaranteed to come out with a pick/orange rash on my underarm that looks horrible and will start itching that night or over the next day or so. It becomes really uncomfortable.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Some google seaches have suggested that Aromaco is the gentlest lush product for sensitive armpits.. if that's the case I'm guessing Lush doesn't have a natural deoderant for me. I'm really disappointed because I love the smell of Aromaco, and I am determined not to use aluminium deoderant ever again.

Can anyone advise?

How long can I store my products for?
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I bought some bath products from Lush recently (bath bombs, melts and bubble bars) but I've being referred to a Gyno, I would prefer not to use them until afterwards. I don't want to risk Thrush and miss my appointment, sorry tmi! So I can't use them until late December or possibly longer, what would you suggest to be the best before date? There's no dates on my labels so I'm storing them the best I can until then.


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