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Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

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The maintainers are lisabella and aevalin.
hellneverknow helps out as a moderator.
Please feel free to contact any of us should you have a question.

Share your Lush stories, your favorite products, etc. Please stay on topic, only posts about Lush and BNever will be allowed.

For swaps/sales/ISO's please visit lush_swaps. Any posts/comments about selling/swapping/group orders will be deleted immediately. You will get one reminder about this. On the second offense you will be banned.

Rule #1: Tagging
All posts must be tagged. You can only use tags that are available. If there is no tag that's appropriate for your post, please use the tag: tag needed, or ask for a tag, and someone will take care of it. If you don't know how to tag, there is a tutorial here.

If you make a post that is not tagged we will comment with a reminder.
On the second offense, we will comment with a reminder and delete the post in 24 hours if it is not tagged.
On the third offense you will be banned from the community for two weeks. If you'd like, at the end of the two weeks you can reapply to join.

Rule #2: Posting pictures
Please use an lj-cut when posting pictures. We will comment with a reminder. You have 24 hours to fix the post or it will be deleted.

Rule #3: Comments
Do not delete comments. Doing so will get you removed from the community.

Rule #4: Respect
Be considerate of others. Honesty is welcome, rudeness and insults aren't.

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This community is not affiliated with Lush in any way.