Lush bath cocktail using christmas bath bombs
Hi all,
I have a whole lovely evening to myself to take a nice bath--and while being snowed in, no less! I hit up the Lush sale last week and was able to score the last of the big christmas hat boxes and a  ton of cinders and starlight, starbright. Can you guys help me come up with some fun cocktails?

Just in case some of you don't know, this is what comes in the christmas hatbox:

The christmas penguin
Christmas eve
Golden Wonder
So White
Lord of Misrule
Star light, star bright
Father chrismas
Luxury lush pud
Melting snowman
Secret Santa

(I know, I lucked out--- got a huge 3 lb slab of noriko too, since they had run out of giftboxes and wanted me to get something of equal value for free with the box to fulfill the promotion).

Hope you can help! :-)

(no subject)
hi guys! i went to a hiring party after being invited by the manager, and i got a near instant call back (i had just arrived home!). she invited me to an 'interview/lush culture hour' and i have no idea what the second part really means...? is that just to see how i would fit in within the atmosphere, etc.? can someone give me some heads up on what kind of questions i'll have to answer?

overall, i'm completely confident with my abilities and knowledge but of course i have the usual worries about memorizing things about products - i need to work on that but i did pretty good in not letting myself falter during the fake demos. anything else i need to know?!

love coffee
I have an interview with a few other ladies tomorrow night for the yearly holiday hire. I have an awesome outfit, but two questions:

Can I wear black and white Converse as my shoes?
Can I wear silver jewelry? (Bracelets and such)


Let the Good Times Roll
Figured I'd post it here in case anyone interested is looking. :)

Let the Good Times Roll cleanser has been returned to LUSH stores. I'm not sure for how long, although they're labeling it as a permanent product.

Help please forumites?
Demon Enchantress
Hey guys! I know this place is dead, but for some reason I can't log in to the forums and the admins arent answering my emails, so I thought I'd try asking here: has anyone heard anything about any new products for 2013? I don't mean seasonal/holiday things, just new things to replace any discons? BTW, any more news on whether Emotional Brilliance is on the chopping block? Or new retros? Thanks in advance Lushies :)

Let the Good Times Roll- discon? Dry scalp question, international travel question
1. According to my local Lush facebook page (Rochester, NY, USA) "Let the Good Times Roll" is being discontinued. I find this to be really odd, seeing how it was popular enough over the Christmas season to be expanded into a year-round product. If this is true, I'm pretty bummed because I was using it as a gentle exfoliator this winter twice a week and was pretty happy with the results. (I have dry, sensitive skin)

I also heard the A Million Kisses is being discontinued (thought I read that on the Lush UK site a while back) and Glorious Mud is being discontinued(?) according to Lush Times.

2. Any tips for dry scalp that isn't Superbalm? I tried a free sample, got a huge headche and results seemed comparable to Snake Oil, tried it a second time, may have used too much, and made myself sick. I use Snake Oil once a week and Jasmine and Henna once a week as treatments. I shampoo with Tricomania and Curly Wurly throughout the week and put small amount of R & B in my hair to smooth my hair before work. I bought Roots to see if that will help the winter dryness. Any other ideas?

3. I'll be traveling to Lithuania for nearly two weeks in July. (There are no Lush store in Lithuania and it's a short trip.) In the spring and summer Aqua Marina is my cleanser so I can't imagine havingtoo much trouble at the airport. However, I use Ultrabland at night and Celestial is my mositurizer. Has anyone had trouble using the black sample containers, or any small container with soft Lush products?

(Tags needed- hair treatment: Roots, hairtreatment: Superbalm, cleanser: Let the Good Times Roll, all of the toothy tabs, Putty for your hands)

UK ordering - samples?
When you order from the UK do you have to specifically request samples? I received my UK order last week and was soooooo disappointed that there weren't any samples :( Whenever I order from Canada they always just automatically include samples

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This is just kind of a silly question/discussion but are Snow Fairy and Godmother *really* the same scent?! Because I have Snow Fairy right now and I picked up some Godmother yesterday because it's my absolute favorite soap and to me there is DEFINITELY a difference. They are similar but Snow Fairy seems more cotton candy-ish I guess whereas Godmother makes me think of a cranberry scent or fruit juice scent. I know Lush advertises Godmother as a year-round Snow Fairy which is totally fine, I don't have a problem with that of course, but I'm just like heeey I think they are different! haha

Hoping for quick response!!
Jenny Boyd

Hello! I'm thinking about making the trip to my nearest LUSH a little later. I have empty black pots, and could really use some Cosmetic Warrior.
Thing is, most of my pots are from the UK, and I'm in the US. I don't have a lot of money, and it usually happens that it is rather drastically cheaper for me to get halls from the UK than domestically.
Will my store give me a problem about this, or is it all good? I do have a couple US pots, just not enough...

Fast responses are appreciated! :D

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