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wormslearntofly wrote in lushcosmetics
How long do the fresh face masks last without putting them in the fridge? I'm asking this because I live in student accommodation and share a kitchen of 10, and last time I had one in there it got used by other people without my consent, so I don't fancy putting it in there anymore.

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I don't think they're supposed to be out of the fridge more than about 10-12 hours (shorter if at all possible) I asked once because the Lush I was at was not near home and I was going to be out for several more hours, so I needed to know the max time until I could get home and get it in the fridge.

Find a glass jar of a really disgusting sounding food, clean out the jar and transfer the face mask (something college kids wouldn't jump to eat...liver pate?)

I discovered in college that if I stored my cream cheese in a margarine container, people were less likely to touch it or if they opened it, they would be weirded out by why it was white. It took all of 5 minutes to do and it made my life much easier - random people were going through my tubs cream cheese in 2 days!

Get one of those little money boxes with a padlock and put the tub in that, in the fridge?

You could rotate ice packs in a cooler that you keep in your room? The ice packs you could put in the freezer and just rotate them out as needed.

This was my thought. A cooler would be your best bet. The masks are made out of such fresh ingredients that they really will spoil quickly if they're not refrigerated somehow.

This is the idea I had, with one of those hard plastic, insulated lunchboxes where the top slides off (bad at description). It's small, and it's meant to keep things cold, so probably one ice pack would do the trick while the other is in the freezer.

I know this doesn't answer your question, but have you tried Mask of Magnaminty? It doesn't need to be refridgerated. I also really like the idea of the empty jar of liver pate or whatever.

This sort of thing (people using my stuff) is why I had a mini-fridge in my room when I lived in dorms. It would be a bit much to buy one just for Lush stuff, but if you'd use it otherwise, might not be a bad investment.

This. This, this, this.

I'm one of those people who can't deal with confrontation, so when I shared an apartment with the moochiest roommate ever, I just bought a cheap mini fridge and it saved me so much stress. I also had a basket with all my dry goods (pasta, canned stuff, etc) siting on top of it and it was great.

I also have a mini fridge that I use predominately for my LUSH stuff (my roommate is Asian and tried to eat a shower jelly once thinking it was a new kind of food) but to answer your original question: LUSH UK will send fresh face masks in the mail locally with two day shipping, I think that that is probably your max right there.

If you were doing a spa night or something and intended to use up an entire mask pot between three people or whatever that evening you would probably be okay buying it that day and keeping it out of the fridge but other than that you'll want to look for other options of keeping it fresh (re-potting, mini fridge, cool box) or look into using something like the Mask of Magnaminty which can be kept out of the fridge.

I wonder why LushNA doesn't offer fresh face masks with 2 day shipping? my closest Lush is 2.5 hours away and I never have another reason to go there. :(

I'm not sure, but it might be that in NA "2 day shipping" actually takes three to four. It also might be that the UK is smaller and therefore stuff can easily be transported where as NA is larger and it's more difficult.... just giving ideas.. my LUSH store is very local so I go in to literally say hi to the staff :P

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