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Lush Baths and Yeast Infections
mousebebe wrote in lushcosmetics
Hi, all. I had a couple of questions to ask, but darned if I can remember all of them, for some reason. There's only one that's remotely vital, though, and happily that's the one I remember.

I've been having sporadic runs of yeast infections lately, and I remember reading that bubble baths can aggravate a tendency toward them. The only kids of bubbles or bath additives I use anymore are Lush, though, and I thought that they were supposed to be less likely to cause a YI, or am I imagining reading this somewhere?

If someone could clear this up, I'd appreciate it. Thank you!

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Check for Sodium Laureth Sulfate (misspelled likely by me... ) Also, look at the carb balance in your diet. You might want to go with just bath bombs and no bubbles.

I was getting recurrent YIs this summer and talked with my doctor at one point about the carb relationship/influence on YIs and she actually said that no properly done study has shown any kind of causation between adjustments in carb diets and YIs. I actually was quite shocked as I occasionaly hear people on vaginapagina talk about this, but followed up with a few other doctors and they all confirmed. Apparently this falls into the urban myth/old wives tale/correlation but not statistically different enough than random chance category. Which was a bummer for me as I was hoping that (hard though it was going to be) that if I just stopped eating carbs I would get better.

OP, are you using any kind of hormonal BC? I stack mine (low dose), doctor-approved, to avoid horrible periods and I tend to notice that at about the 6 month mark I'm starting to experience these recurrent bouts. It SUCKS. I'm thinking I may just have to let myself have a period every 5 months or so just to stave this off. Boooo....

Good to know about the lack of scientific info on carb imbalance - YI. I worked with someone who SWORE that going lower on carbs helped... this was definitely not scientific and back in '99/'00.

As ICK as a period is, I'm off hormonal BC, and doing it monthly, the lady parts DO "clean themselves" out if left to their own devices. MILD soap on the exterior parts, JUST gentle wiping with warm/not boiling water on the more delicate parts. It's a PITA, but unlike the "mass market" hype on "Hail to the V", our stuff DOES work well if left alone and in balance.

I have noticed a correlation between carbs and activity. TMI, I know... I just work on reducing irritation post period. Blech, the curse is not fun, but at least I've got it managed.

Hm. I've never reacted to SLS, but that doesn't mean I couldn't start to. I'll check the ingredients list.

Not on any kind of birth control. I do intend to get on an IUD in the next couple of months, but a non-hormonal one.

As far as leaving the lady parts to their own devices, oh heck yes. I tend to use only water to wash; even my Divacup gets a thorough rinse before it gets anywhere near there, since one YI definitely came from getting shaving cream somewhere unfortunate and almost anything sudsy would have the same effect.

Seconded. Stick with bath bombs. Unused to get UTIs aaaaaaaaaall the time from the bubble bars until I figured out that was what was causing them :/

I have also gotten UTI's from the bubble bars. Some people are just extra sensitive. I've never had a problem using just the bath bombs.

This seems to be a consensus. Something to consider, at any rate. I'm just glad they're not UTIs; I've only had one and I NEVER want to repeat that experience.

(Deleted comment)
I second this. I always scrub out my tub before I take a bath and then shower afterwards.

Blind Mag!

(Sorry. Had to squee.)

It's entirely possible that that might be it or be contributing, yeah. I try to clean it frequently, but sometimes it gets away from me. Maybe try stepping it up more and seeing if that helps? I'd be a little leery of doing so right before a bath because of the chemicals.

Beware of any products that may contain sugar. Sometimes Lush puts sweet things into products, so avoid those. Also, on a similar note, maybe see your doctor and get your blood sugar checked to rule out diabetes, since uncontrolled high blood sugar is a major contributor to yeast infections (you release sugar into your urine and bodily secretions, and yeast feeds on it). It's probably not that, but I'd get it checked just to make sure.

I hadn't considered sweet stuff in the bombs, etc., actually. And related, I think they do put glycerin in some as well, which can have the same effect.

I did get my blood sugar checked for something unrelated recently as well, so I'm pretty sure that's not it. Thank you for the suggestion, though!

For two years I used to suffer from recurring yeast infections, it was the absolute pits! Thankfully it's now died down to irritation and I'm using Balance Activ to help, it's brilliant. The most important I have to say is please don't assume because Lush is "natural" it can't cause problems. Honestly that really bugs me, I read some shitty advice about washing your vagina with Dream Wash on a Lush tumblr and I nearly screamed. Bath products can cause irritation of the vagina, we've got a natural balance of "good" and "bad" organisms. Anything that messes with the balance of these organisms can lead to problems such irritation, BV and Thrush.

I cut bath products out my life over a year ago and following my recent happy vagina I decided to try it again. Unfortunately it still doesn't sit right with me, I was okay at first but I used Golden Wonder and I was sure it caused Thrush. Thankfully it turned out to be bad irritation, I've learnt my lesson and I'm never going back to bath products. But we're all individuals with individual triggers, going on the BC pill made me more prone to yeast infections (I had terrible periods and I needed the pill to cope with it, there's no way I'm coming off it now). Try cutting things out your life bit by bit and you might finally discover what's causing it, or you can go Rambo on your life and get rid of any potential triggers all at once.

Always get a swab to confirm it's Thrush and get treatment from your Dr after a discussion. Good luck bubs and I hope this gets sorted out, I know it's late but I hope I helped.

Hence the asking. I figure that snake venom is "natural" and that sure as heck isn't good for you usually; natural only means it isn't artificial, and anything sudsy is a bad idea in the vagina. So, yes, no argument here. :)

At the moment I wouldn't be surprised if it's just stress, since I've got a lot going on. I did end up seeing the doctor this last time, actually, since I had to see her about something else. I tend to figure that after a while it's a good idea to call in the professionals.

Yeah nettles are natural but you won't catch me rubbing that on my arse. Stress is a massive trigger for me but unfortunately we have no control over that. A pessary treatment is the best and might see the infection off completely, have a swab after treatment to check it's completely gone. If it is keep a diary and see if there's a pattern :)

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