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Hoping for quick response!!
Jenny Boyd
dulce_violeta wrote in lushcosmetics

Hello! I'm thinking about making the trip to my nearest LUSH a little later. I have empty black pots, and could really use some Cosmetic Warrior.
Thing is, most of my pots are from the UK, and I'm in the US. I don't have a lot of money, and it usually happens that it is rather drastically cheaper for me to get halls from the UK than domestically.
Will my store give me a problem about this, or is it all good? I do have a couple US pots, just not enough...

Fast responses are appreciated! :D

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definitely not a problem! I used to work at lush (in the US) and saw an Italian R&B brought in once. and my co-worker and I looked it up and the literal translation is something like "stormy horse hair" haha

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