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heure_actuelle wrote in lushcosmetics
This is just kind of a silly question/discussion but are Snow Fairy and Godmother *really* the same scent?! Because I have Snow Fairy right now and I picked up some Godmother yesterday because it's my absolute favorite soap and to me there is DEFINITELY a difference. They are similar but Snow Fairy seems more cotton candy-ish I guess whereas Godmother makes me think of a cranberry scent or fruit juice scent. I know Lush advertises Godmother as a year-round Snow Fairy which is totally fine, I don't have a problem with that of course, but I'm just like heeey I think they are different! haha

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I was thinking that, what with them being a solid vs. a liquid, but even taking that into consideration the perfume scent itself seems different to me idk

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snow fairy smells like the love child of rock star and godmother. I've never heard anyone thinking they were the same...

They have exactly the same scent, but Godmother is also in a coconut oil and rapeseed oil base, which may change the perception of that scent slightly. :)

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